Cheryl Marino-Page is a licensed social worker and a graduate of Framingham State University. She has 30 years of experience working directly with children, young adults, and caregivers in various settings; childcare, juvenile justice, home and community groups. Cheryl is passionate about providing individuals a safe, calm, supportive space to move in a positive direction at a pace that feels comfortable. She explores people’s strengths and experiences to build hope and resiliency. Cheryl is a certified mediator and specializes in helping with family relationships, both parents and couples, conflict resolution and building strong  communication skills between family members. 

Cheryl has seen positive outcomes when blending therapeutic modalities to meet each person’s individual needs. Holistic approaches to healing; mindfulness, meditation, aroma therapy and sensory tools partnered with evidence-based practices of Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral therapies providing a firm foundation for positive, sustainable life change.


Larry Carlesi joined our staff as a life coach. He has been a high school vocational instructor as well as a youth, high school and college coach/counselor for the past 25 years. Larry holds two Master’s in Counseling and Educational Leadership. His holistic approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for all clients. Larry helps clients live their best life, by filling the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. Are you going through a stage in your life where you feel lost, confused, or conflicted? Do you feel like you’re disconnected with the people around you, friends, co-worker’s or even with yourself? Are you feeling a lack of motivation, or lack and understanding of your true purpose? Do you yearn for the perfect job? Or do you just want to upgrade your life to the next level? Larry is trained in helping people find themselves, find direction, and true happiness in all aspects of their lives. Larry will coach you until that point in time when you are ready to coach yourself. Larry truly feels that a coach’s worth isn’t found in their W/L record...It’s about the impact in their players lives. Larry helps his clients reach each milestone, one at a time with an ultimate end goal of satisfaction, success and happiness. Larry does not take  insurance, please call the office to discuss coaching rates. 

“Happiness shared is never decreased”


Darlene Cooper is a license mental health clinician with her  Masters in education for the last 25 yrs. Darlene specializes in substance abuse and families. Darlene worked at Norcap  in 1986 and then Fuller Memorial for 11 yrs in mental health and substance abuse with children and families.  Darlene worked outpatient 11 yrs for Arbor Fuller until 1998 when she went to the North Cottage Program and served as the director of the 50 bed intensive treatment unit for the past 23 yrs.  Darlene has also had her own private practice for the last 25 yrs. Darlene's is currently one of our clinical supervisors supporting  our therapists.

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